Andson introduces characters into our brand


While diving heavily into a rebrand of Andson we've changed a few things - loosing the "Foundation," developing new strategies to further our mission, and becoming more friendly for our client - kids and parents. Characters drive imagination and excitement for students through the learning process - we've never thought differently, but we haven't necessarily embraced a youthful element in our past branding efforts.

What we've also realized is that students care very little that we are out there doing "educational," things. Instead, they care about the teachers and staff and the relationships they've formed with those adults. Education is an afterthought to them - which makes perfect sense for a young child.

What we've coined is "Powerful Stuff." Anyone that goes through our programming will be a more powerful youth (and student, and child, even citizen) than those that do not. We're communicating Powerful Stuff through robots, monsters and characters we develop.

We're also opening the doors for student-led artwork - which makes our creative team's life even easier. Overall, we're very happy with where this is going, and encourage non-profits and organizations serving youth to get doodling - who knows what you can come up with!