Andson Academics Launches AIMSweb Assessment Program


In order to more accurately and effectively monitor the progress of our students, Andson Academics has incorporated the usage of the AIMSweb assessment and diagnostics software into our Academic Support program for the 2013-2014 school year. This tool allows us to benchmark and progress monitor our students to further diagnose the exact areas in which they need the most attention.  AIMSweb also gives us the capability to compare our students’ progress to state and national norms much more easily.

Many schools across the country, including Clark County School District, have begun integrating this software into their assessment processes, and most of our tutors are already very familiar with the system.  Using the AIMSweb software gives the Andson Academics program a unique advantage over other tutoring programs in southern Nevada.

We are very excited about what this means for our program and the enhanced support that our students will receive with the implementation of this software.