Samantha Wayne

Samantha Wayne: YouTube blogger by night. data management wonder woman by day, and office sunshine always! Samantha (Sam for short) has her Bachelor's of Science from UNLV in Kinesiology and plans to one day be an occupational therapist. "I have always enjoyed learning about the human body and how it works. For example, some patients get into accidents or situations that may drastically alter the way their body moves and functions. Seemingly simple everyday tasks can become difficult for these patients, so we do our best to make tasks achievable and less painful through exercise."

As administrative assistant, Sam spends her time here organizing and inputting our most important contacts and collected information. "I love Andson's mission-- and helping others has always been a big interest of mine. I hope to further our goals as a community resource," she commented.

Sam also spends time uploading YouTube videos that are inspired by reaching out to those in the Lupus/Invisible Illness community. "If you have the right mindset you can do it. Your mind is a powerful thing," she said in one of her recent uploads.

Sam would like to conclude her bio by giving a shout out to her dog, Ziggy!