Anthony McTaggart

Anthony McTggart is Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at Andson. He’s no typical big boss though—his office door is almost always open for anyone to come in and ask for help. And as a self-professed technology nerd, he can be found doing enthusiastic segments on local news networks about high-tech educational children’s toys. One half of the driving force behind Andson’s inception in 2009, Anthony still proudly conducts our foundation’s train steadily down the tracks today. Below, he gives us an inside scoop into his life and passion behind Andson: 

Where did you grow up? 

“Born in Bronx, NY - but I've lived all over the country. I've lived in Vegas for 10 years and it's officially home.” 

What were you doing before the official beginnings of Andson? 

“Through high school and my undergrad, I worked at Pizza Hut, hustled cell phones for the now defunct MCI WorldCom, and worked for Morgan Stanley. Later on I worked in the previous family business Christian Credit Counseling and helped to close it down as well. Then I got a dual Masters at UNLV.” 

Take us through a day in the office life of Anthony: 

“I typically touch on every facet of the company daily. I try to move obstacles, including myself, out of each of the Director's ways to make things happen as quickly as possible. I get to play a lot; get to be on TV these days. The best part of my day is when it’s spent working on new programs or new design elements for our materials.” 

Would you say that you’ve molded your position to fit in the creative use of technology? 

“I think I mold my position to what I want it to be - we use technology, which is a passion of mine. I love building programs and using technologies whenever possible. We get to define a culture, which is so important in a small startup. I think I'm really good at seeing other people's perspective too - which makes me a better team mate.” 

What led you to starting Andson? 

“The idea that students didn't have the basic tools to make it as an adult was scary - so we built materials and programs that appeal to students first and foremost. I had a choice, I could have tried to get a management level job in Information Technologies, or I could have helped start Andson from scratch with my mom, Sonia, and have the opportunity of a lifetime. I am proud to say I made the right choice.” 

Any Anthony insights you’d like to share? 

“I have this belief that family is who and what you make of it. My life wouldn't be the same without my closest friends and loved ones. It's pretty much group iMessages and really hilarious memes that fuel my day. Also, never turn down an interview. Ever. ”