World traveling tutor spotlight

By: Hannah Moore

Greetings to our citizen of the world tutor, Katherine Coakley! Katherine was born in West Germany, raised in the midwest, and explored her teens in Thailand before settling back into the U.S. her junior year of high school. She is currently an instructional assistant for elementary grades 2-5, and brings much needed harmony to the classroom. “If students need to stand up for what is right, then they should do so, but gently. They should try their best to eliminate anger, jealousy, hatred of others, and prejudice from their behavior. Always replace the negatives with positives by showing kindness!” Katherine has a passion for language arts and the joy of learning. She also likes to point out how students humble themselves in a learning environment: “They willingly surrender their minds, hearts, ears, and oftentimes, their voices to teachers for the sole benefit of acquiring knowledge. Keep doing what you’re doing, Katherine. We’re honored to have you as part of the Andson family!