New Sites and Tutors’ Bright Lights

By: Hannah Moore

When Andson added their Homework Help program to Whitney Library, we knew just who to call: terrific tutors Theresa Weir and Pam Locascio! Theresa and Pam are no strangers to helping students excel, so naturally they were the perfect candidates to take on our new location. Get to know a little more about them below!


Theresa Weir is an art teacher during the day for grades 1-5. She also:

  • taught in Florida before coming to Las Vegas.

  • is a major bingo enthusiast!

  • loves painting murals, hiking, and traveling...she does it all!


Theresa’s favorite part about tutoring and teaching is “Developing relationships with students and watching them learn and grow.

Her best advice to young learners is “Work hard in school.  Go to college so you can have a great career.


Pam Locascio is a GATE teacher during the day for grades 3-5. But did you know she also:

  • has been teaching for 27 years (20 at CCSD).

  • loves chess and is a sudoku master.

  • creates crafty gifts such as her famous “Glow Glitter Cannisters.” Ask her about these  if you get the chance...they’re amazing!


Pam’s favorite thing about tutoring and teaching is “The Light Bulb Syndrome - seeing a child’s face light up when a difficult concept is finally understood!

Her best advice to young learners is “Be a reader to become a writer.  Don’t be afraid to make a mistake because a mistake is just an opportunity to learn.


Keep on shining bright, Andson tutors!