Piggy Bank Returns To Hollingsworth

by Hannah Moore

October 14th was a big day-- It was the grand re-opening of the Piggy Bank Program at Hollingsworth Elementary School! Through a collaboration with Andson, United Way’s Young Philanthropist Society, Silver State Schools Credit Union, and Hollingsworth faculty, the students and trained staff members facilitate the savings program every fall session. October 14th marked the second year in which the Piggy Bank has been operational.  “The kids were so overwhelmingly excited! The bar was raised with their returning enthusiasm for the Piggy Bank,” said Andson Money program director Diana Ritchie. Students were heard sharing without prompt what they wanted to save for, and it was a lot! Everything from cars, to college, to a house for their parents was being pursued. “Seeing the students walk away with a smile, excited to tell me when they’ll bring in their next deposit was so rewarding!” Diana swooned. One student even discovered in a conversation that he would like to be the first person in his family to go to college. Hollingsworth deposit amount... $881.34! That's almost $200 more than the deposit on the 1st day last year. It was quite a successful day and definitely a signifier of a successful year! We look forward to growing with you Hollingsworth!

Watch the video below to learn more about Andson Money and the Piggy Bank Program: