Nevada Banker's Association

by Hannah Moore

Andson has been featured on the front page of the Nevada Banker’s Association News Bulletin for September 2015! The piece provides a wonderful overview of all Andson programs, as well as insight from Anthony and Sonia. The main spotlight is focused on the inner workings of Andson Money, our financial literacy program. “The core curriculum for Andson Money was developed by Andson, and it is continually updated and amended to meet the needs of each demographic of students being served. Andson Money strives to provide meaningful financial education lessons to youth,” they reported. They also note the key role that academics play in financial education, and discuss our after school and summer outreaches. “At Andson, the primary goal is to support the vital aspects of development, equipping students with the necessary life skills to close the education gap and avoid the financial crises that often plague the adult lives of at risk, disadvantaged youth,” NBA writes. To read the whole feature, click on the images below!