Our Exceptional Volunteers

Volunteer. Many images might come to mind when one comes across this word; an individual serving at a soup kitchen, someone taking care of dogs at the shelter, that person in the parking lot asking if you’re registered to vote. What comes to our mind here at Andson? Someone with a pencil, patience, and a passion. A passion to help the students of CCSD do their best. Meet some of our amazing volunteers below:


It’s time to introduce our wonder volunteer, Rithy Khim! Rithy is currently attending UNLV and has passion for chemistry. He aspires to one day graduate from Roseman University with a PHD in Pharmacy! Rithy spends his time with Andson as a volunteer tutor at The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada. “I’ve always wanted to help people by giving them something that they could keep forever,” he shared. “I realized that that something is knowledge. That’s why I became a tutor: to spread knowledge.” In his spare time Rithy loves swimming, listening to music, and training in Tae Kwon Do. He was even captain of the Clark Swim Team in High School! Thanks for all of your time and dedication, Rithy!


Meet Lorraine Kerr, our voyaging volunteer! She loves sailing the ocean and traveling across the globe. Her adventures brought her all the way from Toronto, Canada to right here in Las Vegas! Lorraine teaches all grade levels at Bridger Middle School and her favorite subject is math. “I encourage my students to always ask questions. I’m passionate about ALL children receiving a great education,” she enthusiastically explained. Lorraine has two Cairn Terriers that she considers to be just like her students, “One is hyperactive and one is very shy; very similar to the personality mix you’ll find at any school!” Thank you for everything you do, Lorraine!

Lorraine and Rithy are just two of many wonderful volunteers we’re honored to have on our team. Whatever task it may be, and whatever organization it may be for, volunteer work is crucial for the positive changes that we see affecting lives all over the globe. Volunteering is good for the volunteer themselves too. Reaching out to others fosters a sense of purpose, peace of mind, and emotional well being. To each and every volunteer out there, thank you.