Elliott's a Champion!

By: Hannah Moore

As the 2016 Olympics kick into high gear, we want to acknowledge one of Andson’s very own astounding athletes, intern Elliott Davis. Elliott is a champion runner of the Junior Olympics, Region 15. The Junior Olympics is a training program that exposes young athletes to once in a lifetime competition opportunities.

Elliott was inspired to start running by listening to stories of his mom’s experience with college track. He’s been committed to training since his first year of high school. What keeps Elliott motivated when the going gets rough? “Our races are usually filmed, so every race, even if I lose, I get to find out exactly what I need to do next time to win. I can see what I did wrong and move forward from there,” he explained. Elliott just graduated high school and plans on attending Central Arizona College on a full scholarship. He wants to major in sports related marketing and business to assist with his blossoming track career, and also enjoys graphic design. His advice to other runners is straightforward and honest, “It’s going to hurt, no matter what. The workouts and practices are going to hurt every day, but you get to expose yourself to really important people in the end. It also helps to write your goals down.” Well said Elliott. This is his second summer interning with Andson. We look forward to seeing him go for the gold!