We at Andson believe in actively participating in our communities outside of work. Despite our busy fast-paced lives, it is vital that we take time to look outside of our own little bubbles and into the world beyond, making sure that we give to others.

Our Academic Program Director, Leslie DeVore is one such example of how we strive to incorporate giving into our lives.

Starting in 2007, Leslie and a group of women in Green Valley formed a group known as GiVe, merely a group of friends trying to make a difference in their community one gift at a time.

Their mission is to “inspire, educate and encourage women to take an active role in the community by pooling their charitable gifts to improve the lives of Henderson residents.” Once a month they give a gift to recognize someone, to help out someone, or to further a worthwhile project.

In April they chose to donate $600 to Andson to be used for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson! This money will go toward hiring CCSD teachers and tutors, as well as purchasing academic supplies.

Andson is among the many organizations and charities that they have generously gifted, including HopeLink, Basic High School Special Needs, and Candlelighters.

Groups like GiVe show how easy it is to just take a moment and give back to others. We should all take part in striving for a better tomorrow.