Do You Ever Get The Urge To Splurge?

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If you’re a super saver, or attempt to save money, more often than not you might feel guilty when you spend it on something that’s not necessary. Saving money can be super stressful when you’re trying to live off an extremely tight budget. Has anyone ever told you that once in a while it’s important to allow yourself to splurge, even though the ultimate goal is still to save?

According to the finance blog Wise Bread, here are a few reasons why you should splurge once in a while:

In order to stay focused and on track with your savings goals, you need positive reinforcement. However, only give yourself this reinforcement when you have cut down on debt and are meeting your savings goals. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for your financial accomplishments!

When you’re on a tight budget and are saving as much money as possible, lots of “fun” things get cut out of your daily routine, which can be monotonous. Rewarding yourself once in a while for meeting your goals breaks up the monotony. As the blog also says, spending a little money on something that you normally wouldn’t one day would most likely make your day more memorable, and “having those memories is definitely worth the money spent.”

Lastly, keep in mind that some splurges can and will have long term benefits! Think about it. Sometimes spending money on something better quality (like  a purse, shoes, or an appliance) will have long term benefits, as it will last much longer than something that not only costs less, but that is also more cheaply made!

Everyone needs a “fun fund” to spend and not feel guilty about.

Just set a limit for you “fun fund,” and only reward yourself after you meet a goal/goals.


Just remember….sometimes it’s ok to splurge when you get the urge!

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