BizKid$ is changing the way Andson does Financial Lit!

While we believe that materials put out by NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education), as well as the Money Matters Curriculum by Charles Schwab's Foundation can really make a difference for the Junior and Senior High School students - we have struggled with how to fill the gap for middle school as well as high school freshman. BizKids is changing all that with their amazing television programs and content-filled website.


BizKids is a partnership of Junior Achievement, American Public Television, WXXI, and America's Credit Unions. Andson learned of BizKids through our membership with CNYIN (California Nevada Youth Involvement Network) and attended a training back in May. Last month, we were able to get Season 1 of BizKids, which contains the 5 core episodes of BizKids.

  • 104 - What Can You Do With Money
  • 106 - Taking Charge of Your Financial Future
  • 110 - How to Achieve Your Financial Goals
  • 116 - Budgeting Basics
  • 123 - Understanding Income and Expenses

The discussion questions and activities included in the Teacher lessons are great - but they are more set up for the classroom environment.  Since Andson does the majority of their Financial Literacy lessons at they Boys & Girls Clubs, it was a challenge to modify and adapt activities.  We have been working at it however, and have come up with some great activities for each episode.

The shows have been quite a success in our summer Financial Literacy workshops.  Kids are learning how to think about business plans, budgeting, saving, and even about giving back to the community.

We will be gathering all the resources required for Andson's style of activities that go along with each of the 5 core episodes - so check back in the next few days.

In the meantime - go and watch some clips over at!