Andson Academics WEEK 1 - Program is going great!

Wow!  Just a few short months ago we started to work on the planning for what we thought would be a maximum of 80 students getting after-school tutoring.  At nearly 100 students, it is clear that the program has been well-received by Parents and Students alike.  The key to students' acceptance is easy - great tutors and a fun, web-based program.  Andson Academics targets a younger audience than the foundation has previously, but thanks to the i-Ready program, students get to pick their character and scenery, and perform reading and math exercises through a fun, game-centric program.


This week's Time Magazine touches on a devastating statistic - 1 in 4 Third-graders who have lived in poverty and are not reading at grade level will drop out or fail to graduate by age 19.  Andson realizes the education issues plaguing Nevada, Clark County, as well as the nation, and decided that if there is a way to help - we'd like to get started.


We've hired tutors, most of which are employed through CCSD (Clark County School District) and we've teamed up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson to provide two, 1 hour tutoring sessions, in English, Language Arts, and Mathematics, each week.  This program runs throughout the school year, and should provide at least a 13% increase in the child's lowest scoring areas.


Two of the Boys & Girls Clubs - Southern Highlands and Kish - are currently full.  There are waiting lists you can place your child on for a second enrollment that Andson may open up for 2012.  The other clubs, however, may still be available for a late enrollment now.