Thank You Volunteer Anna Carothers!

Volunteers are an integral part of any non-profit organization.  The Andson Organization has had the privilege of having Anna Carothers as a volunteer for Andson Academics. Anna, a third generation Las Vegan and an upcoming Senior at Bishop Gorman High School, has helped tutor elementary students at the Silver Pines Boys and Girls Club since February 2013. Aura Munguia, a tutor with Andson Academics stated, "As soon as Anna came in to volunteer, she brightened the room. She was very patient with all the students and would answer all their questions. She definitely made a difference in the children's lives."

Anna's mother, Elisa, said, "Anna, from the time she was little, loved to teach. She would place her dolls in front of her as if they were in a classroom and whatever she was interested in that day, those dolls were taught it.”

The staff at Bishop Gorman High School recently nominated Anna as Student of the Year in Science, Math and English.

Maria Klawe, President of the Harvey Mudd College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math has made it her goal to bring more women into studying the sciences. Due to President Klawe's involvement, the graduating class of 2011 consisted of 40% women.

Klawe heard about Anna's love for the arts, how she is well accomplished in math, science, and loves computer programming, as well as her nomination for Student of the Year in these specific areas.  For this reason, Anna has been asked to visit the campus with the hope of inspiring her to become a future student of Harvey Mudd College. This is a huge accomplishment for Anna to be asked to join such a prestigious school.

The staff of the Andson congratulates Anna on all her accomplishments and future success. Thank you for your time and dedication, Anna!