Success Stories From Our Tutoring Program!

Another year has passed for Andson Academics! With the closing of a year, we get to hear success stories from our tutors and staff. It has been astonishing how many stories have been given to us but one in particular has caught our eye. Words from a tutor:

When I started at the Boys and Girls Club, I noticed this specific boy. He would make up lies to not do his homework. He would also be rude to other students and even me. With some motivation and little talks once in a while on how important it is to treat others respectfully. I have seen a great change in him. He now does his homework without complaints and mentions how easy and fun homework sometimes is, and has definitely changed his attitude with the other students. I am very proud of him.

Now, that is one story from a tutor, but many parents have noticed changes in their children, as well as how Andson Academics can help relieve the stress on parents.

Words from our parents:

Thank you so much for your help! It really helps with my long work days for Mandy to get homework done at B&Gs Club.

She learned not to be scared and ask for help. There is no shame not knowing something and to be confident that she can accomplish anything.

My child looks forward to doing homework and is staying busy in her academics.

My child has become more eager to learn and is more open to ask questions at school.

Gabriella is excited to read and write. She has more confidence in herself and her abilities. The feedback from her teacher recently has been [that] she participates more and speaks up. I truly believe the personal attention she has received from Ms. Kelly and the other tutors is the reason for this.

Seems more confident about homework and starting to appreciate the importance of learning/education.


Andson Academics not only helps with improving education, but also helps with behavioral issues that could impact education. We are very happy to hear that our tutors go beyond the call of duty to help stimulate the children's minds.