When Taking on Fixed Expenses, Adult Guidance is Invaluable

By Hannah Moore

Dealing with money responsibly is intimidating enough sometimes for adults, let alone the youth. That is why having support from a parent or mature individual is crucial to youngsters being thrust into the grown-up world of financial matters. By age 23, a colleague had built up great credit and a decent income. This lead her to believe she could purchase her first car without much help or guidance. Unfortunately that was not the case and she got hit with thousands of dollars of hidden fees. The message behind this personal anecdote is not a far cry from the lesson learned in columnist Ron Lieber’s college bound days, although his story has a bit of a happier ending. His mother had taken him to a private meeting with a professional financial adviser to help figure out expenses and scholarships for school. He says if he hadn’t been brought along by his mother to that meeting, his college debt would have been drastically higher and he wouldn’t have the career that he does today. In a short summation: be a mentor if you’re knowledgeable, and if you’re not so knowledgeable or experienced, don’t be afraid to ask for help! It could change your life. Andson is here to help.