Teacher Appreciation Week 2016

By Hannah Moore

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to take a moment to talk about our tutors. Not only do they teach in CCSD schools 5 days a week, they also spend endless hours, often on their own dime, grading papers, organizing materials, purchasing supplies, and doing countless other tasks outside of the classroom. On top of that, they choose to spend what little free time they may have helping the students of Andson. To call them selfless would be an understatement. This jam-packed schedule doesn't keep them from being super enthusiastic either; our teacher-tutors are always smiling, patient, and full of knowledgable energy to share in any learning environment. So, in the most genuine of heart, we want to say thank you. Thank you for all you are, and for all you do.

Have you thanked a teacher today?

Knowing Your Stuff - Money Edition

By Hannah Moore

How financially literate do you think you are in comparison to the rest of the general American public? Take this simple yet revealing quiz to find out. Don’t feel bad if you fall short. Statistically, most people do. Even folks with a post secondary education do. The numbers show that 55.7% of Americans with college degrees answered at least one of the three questions incorrectly. The point of this quiz isn’t directly about being right or wrong though – it’s about how the results reflect what’s not known on average, even when it arguably should be. And if that is telling of anything, it’s that financial literacy has to be sought after, because it’s not usually readily available to the masses. At Andson we aim to make this knowledge readily available for students and their families, because knowing how to handle your money is essential for every age and life situation. We teach these concepts through classroom worksheets, homework assignments, and take home reviews to explain to parents what is being taught and how they can assist in the learning process. Andson curriculum strives for not only a 3 out of 3 score on this quiz, but a more prepared generation of Southern Nevada.

When Taking on Fixed Expenses, Adult Guidance is Invaluable

By Hannah Moore

Dealing with money responsibly is intimidating enough sometimes for adults, let alone the youth. That is why having support from a parent or mature individual is crucial to youngsters being thrust into the grown-up world of financial matters. By age 23, a colleague had built up great credit and a decent income. This lead her to believe she could purchase her first car without much help or guidance. Unfortunately that was not the case and she got hit with thousands of dollars of hidden fees. The message behind this personal anecdote is not a far cry from the lesson learned in columnist Ron Lieber’s college bound days, although his story has a bit of a happier ending. His mother had taken him to a private meeting with a professional financial adviser to help figure out expenses and scholarships for school. He says if he hadn’t been brought along by his mother to that meeting, his college debt would have been drastically higher and he wouldn’t have the career that he does today. In a short summation: be a mentor if you’re knowledgeable, and if you’re not so knowledgeable or experienced, don’t be afraid to ask for help! It could change your life. Andson is here to help.

April's Tutor of the Month - Jessica Gentekos

By Hannah Moore

Las Vegas native, Jessica Gentekos helps us greet April with her Tutor of the Month status, and has certainly been around the block when it comes to schools of Southern Nevada. She attended high school at Chaparral, her undergraduate at UNLV, and then taught at J. Marlan Walker Elementary before moving on to teaching second grade at Frias Elementary, where she still is today. When it comes to tutoring, helping students understand concepts they were taught at school, and witnessing the progress made really drives her. Her free time encompasses being a true Philadelphia Eagles fan and reading for pleasure. “It’s kinda fun to do the impossible” is a great Walt Disney quote that lends itself to her life. Thanks Jessica, for aiding us in making things possible!

March's Tutor of the Month - John Yoder

By Hannah Moore

March 2015 brings us tutor of the month honoree, John Yoder! John was inspired to teach simply by his love of working with kids, and to this day, that remains his favorite thing about teaching.

Although he grew up in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, John has taken greatly to the southwest and teaches Education Computer Technology to all grades at Ronzone Elementary School here in Las Vegas. When not at Ronzone, John tutors through Andson at the James Boys and Girls Club. John’s favorite subjects are history and science, which would explain his adventurous passion for Mayan Archeology. In fact, John has visited 37 major Mayan archaeological sites and 18 national parks. His goal is to reach 70 total Mayan archeological sites and all 59 National parks in the United States. His 16 and 18 year old daughters must hear plenty of inspirational stories from all of that exploration! And as far as inspiration for his students goes, John states that “Your future is only as small as your imagination.” Thank you for bringing your bold spirit to Andson, John Yoder. The kids surely do appreciate it as much as we do.