Words From a Teacher! Success Stories in the Making!

Andson Academics has the ability and desire to help today's children in many ways through our Homework Help /Tutoring Programs.  We have seen great strides in many of our students on both a personal development level and academically.
Many of our students did not want to work on their homework because they did not know how to complete their work, and were too embarrassed to ask for help.  With our teachers from Clark County School District, and qualified staff, we are able to give the students more individualized help and build the confidence the child may be lacking.
Many teachers have "success stories" from their students.  Here is one teacher's story on two of her students.

 My name is Pam and I am an after school tutor at the Boys and Girls Club through the Andson Organization.  One of the students that I have been tutoring since this past fall is a young gentleman named, Kamar.  He has had many challenges and changes that have made a difference. Through the consistency of this tutoring program, he has made great strides in school, tutoring, and sports.  He is now is building a positive self-concept.  Here at the club, the coaches, family members, and tutors work as a team to help further develop the self-esteem, talents, and academic  potential of these boys and girls. We are pleased to see such a difference in these students as the year continues.

Janiya is another one of our students in the 3-4 grade levels that we tutor.   She is a young lady who has greatly benefited  from the Andson tutoring program.  In the fall,  her attitude toward learning was negative, she didn't believe that she could attain good grades.  She has completely turned around.  Her attitude is pleasant and she is willing to now put forth more effort in school, homework, and tutoring activities.  She has become a model for others to follow.  It is very fulfilling to know that the tutors that work here through the Andson Organization, DO make a difference in the lives of students.

These stories are the ones that make us proud of what we do at Andson. Many children are getting the encouragement and confidence to improve not just in school but in life. Of course, we cannot do it without  the amazing teachers who are there daily. Thank you so much! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!