We're Much Obliged Bridger

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We want everyone to know how much we value our partnership with Communities in Schools (CIS) and After School All Stars (ASAS)! Together, we ensure that no child falls behind in school, or gets into after school trouble! One example of these programs in action is at Bridger Middle School. At Bridger our after school Homework Help program impacts on average 55 kids per day.

Like all of our other locations, we provide Homework Help at Bridger four days a week. However, what’s really cool is that in addition to Homework Help, we also prepare students for exams (their midterms, finals, etc.). What’s even more awesome, however, is the fact that the program has expanded to the entire school, not just the ASAS and CIS kids.

What does this mean?

Homework Help is open to all students at Bridger – any student in the school can come for help!

On top of that, the majority of the tutors are dedicated teachers from Bridger. This is important for so many reasons! Not only does it mean that these teachers know the curriculum that they’re tutoring their students on like the back of their hand, but they’re so dedicated that they want to work with their students after their normal work day has ended.

We’re so thankful to work with such devoted and motivated people.