We're Excited to Add to Our Team

Nevena resized

We just hired a new site-coordinator, Nevena Cvijetic, who has been with us for about two weeks. She oversees two of our sites, Agassi and Silver Pines, and told us that she is extremely enthusiastic about her new position, as well as those she works with. When I became a member of the Andson Academic team, I knew that it would be a fulfilling position – I just wasn't aware of how much.

I knew that Andson Academics provides a high-quality tutoring program that encourages young students to become effective learners, but I wasn't prepared to see how much passion and heart our tutors and staff bring into this program.

Tutors such as DeAnn Sheehan, who brings in various games each day for her students, create innovate ways to strengthen students math and reading skills, while awarding good behavior.

Tutors such as Angela Wilborn, Jessica Webb, and Loretta Lee show us that this program isn't limited to only academics – they create a positive environment in which their students feel safe and important.

The student’s progress and excitement towards learning is a clear indicator that the hard work of our tutors pays off.

Andson’s remarkable staff and volunteers show, through their incredible effort, that they want each individual child to progress in all areas of life.

It is a great honor to have the opportunity to work for an organization whose members believe in making a positive difference in their community and working towards something greater than themselves.

We are excited to have Nevena join our team, as her enthusiasm is proving to be contagious!