We Love This Letter

ellen student letter Resized

How many of you daydream of the day that your kids will tell you they are craving broccoli over ice cream, or yearn for the day when your youngsters will voluntarily choose schoolwork over their toys? How many of you fantasize about getting your kids to do things that are good for them that they just don’t want to do, without having to wrestle them to the ground or threaten their TV privileges?

Well, this dream came true for the tutors at the Gulbis Boys & Girls Club when one little girl wrote Andson a letter in which she said, “Tutoring was so fun. I’d rather be in tutoring all day than go to Wet and Wild.”

That’s what we love to hear here at Andson, that through our hard work, devotion and perseverance with these kids we are making a lasting impact in their lives! We love it when they love their tutoring sessions!

Oh yeah, the student also mentioned, “I loved the treats you gave us at tutoring that one day.”

…nothing wrong with a little incentive!