To Our Terrific Tutors And Aides

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As Andson's Homework Help and Tutoring program comes to an end, we want to let everyone know how much we appreciate our 45 amazing tutors and aides!  

To our tutors and aides,

After putting in a full day at school or at your other job, you continually show up on time, four days a week, wearing big smiles, and carrying an abundant bag of teacher-tricks.

You pinpoint the children's deficiencies and bring effective and creative teaching strategies to their groups.

You work diligently with kids of many ages, big and small, happy and sad, rain or shine, on good days and bad, at a variety of locations, helping them achieve their goals and stay on track.

You send out progress reports, write daily tutor notes, acknowledge students of the month, and help our kids achieve those precious "a-ha" moments.

You wipe noses, hand out treats, listen to tall tales, hold little hands, kiss boo-boos, and sternly say, "sit up straight in your seat" at least 50 times an hour.

Mostly importantly, you establish positive relationships with your students in a healthy environment.  You work hard so that no child gets behind in school.  You impart KNOWLEDGE, which we all know creates empowered, confident and successful adults. What could be more important than that?


Thank you!!