Andson Access and Sean's Success

By: Hannah Moore

Andson Access is Andson's non-profit networking program. Organizations and philanthropic individuals can sometimes have difficulty finding their way into each other's lives, so we step in to help make those connections! One particular young and caring individual, Sean Avne, recently completed an internship with the Global Charity Foundation through Andson Access. "I first came into contact with Andson Access through Anthony himself. Being able to learn more about non-profit companies seemed very interesting to me," he explained, "I then met Dr. Thukral of the Global Charity Foundation at an Andson-sponsored Tesla event. She was in need of an assistant, and I fit the bill!" The job consisted of Sean filling out grant applications, preparing for the annual gala, and using new technologies. "Being a part of Global Charity Foundation and working with Dr. Thukral was a fantastic experience!" The internship allowed Sean to take his UNLV class studies and apply them to real-world situations, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Through Andson Access, Andson provides hands-on experience to college students, better preparing them for whatever life may throw their way. Way to go, Sean!