Start Studying the SATs Right NOW For FREE

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If you’re a high school student interested in going to college, then we have exciting news for you – it’s just gotten a lot easier and cheaper to prepare for the SATs! The College Board (creators of the SAT) announced that they are partnering up with Khan Academy to produce a redesigned SAT in 2016, and starting in 2015 students will have free online access to all the tools that they need to study and prepare for the redesigned test.

Not only are they redesigning it, but they have also made available to students hundreds of previously unreleased Math, Reading, and Writing questions from actual SATs and over 200 videos that provide step-by-step solutions to each problem that are accessible NOW for the 2014-2015 SATs.

“The SAT should reward merit and hard work, and success on the exam should be available to all. There is no better statement of our commitment to making the SAT a world-class, high-quality, and fair test than partnering with Khan Academy to provide free SAT preparation for the world,” said David Coleman, President and CEO of the College Board.

Now you can start studying right now from the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to pay, and you don’t have to leave your house to go to lessons at a tutoring center. You can study at your own pace and revisit tutorials as needed.

That makes studying so much easier!

But why are they redesigning the SATs on top of that?

The new SATs are being based on current research’s findings about what tools students need to be equipped with and what they should understand in order to to be successful in college.

To start studying for the SATs today as well as to learn more about the upcoming redesigned SAT, visit