Savvy Shopper's Corner! Some Tips For Smart Shopping!

Every day someone overspends when shopping at the grocery store. Often, items end up being tossed out or never used.

Here are a few helpful tips to cut back on excess spending when shopping at the supermarket.

1. Make a list! It only takes a few minutes to prepare but it will save you from wandering down the aisles and prevent you from shopping for unnecessary items.

2. Substitute supermarket brands for brand name products.  You can save on generic, non-perishable snacks, cleaning products, paper goods, and diapers. If you are used to brand name goods, try swapping one or two items to start. Even switching a few items on your shopping list will help you keep more money in your pocket.

3. Buy ingredients rather than prepared products. If you have time to make your own pasta salad at home, you can save money by preparing it yourself versus buying it pre-made at the store.

4. Convenience is costly! Buying fruits and vegetables and cutting them yourself is cheaper than buying pre-cut fruits and vegetables that cost double the price.

5. Learn to buy in-bulk! Buying larger boxes of cereals, crackers, and snacks will last longer. Stock up on items on sale that you use often and store in pantry with early expiration dates in front.

6. Using store and manufacturer coupons can also reduce your total costs at the checkout.

7. Buy a filter for your tap water! It will be more cost effective than buying bottled water.