Project Dinner Table

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Imagine this. You’re outside, at one of the most unexpected and random places imaginable for a dinner party. You look to your left and then to your right, and all you see is both sides of a seemingly endless table, seating up to 200 guests. You take a deep breath – inhaling the fresh air - and glance up, peering at the twinkling stars overhead, and then proceed to dive into the divine dinner placed before you. This event is called Project Dinner Table. According to its mission statement, its purpose is “to create meaningful and adventurous experiences around the dinner table celebrating local food, community and philanthropy.”

There’s a catch though – you must be willing to dine under the stars.

Project Dinner Table (PDT) has chosen us to receive a charitable gift at their Season 5 kick-off on April 12th!

Project Dinner Table hosts fun events like this where it gives charitable gifts to nonprofits throughout the year! To learn more about it and how to become a member or volunteer, visit