Michael Okazaki - Tutor of the Month

Michael Okazaki is a star, whether he’s tutoring students for Andson at Whitney Library or playing table tennis at the US Open and US Nationals. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Michael has lived in Las Vegas for eighteen years and is currently seeking a bachelor’s degree in business at UNLV. His passions include studying (math and statistics problems are his favorite), tutoring, and table tennis (which he says is a fun sport for all ages).

Michael is part of “one big happy family”, including six siblings, two nieces, and three nephews. He is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, whom he served a two-year mission in El Salvador for after high school. He found traveling to another country is imperative for “those who wish to broaden their horizons. Being able to meet different people and cultures and eat different food is truly amazing”.

Advice he likes to leave his students with is “to not sell [themselves] short. If you desire to go to Harvard or Yale or become a doctor, scientist or veterinarian it is possible. As long as you work hard and always stay diligent you can succeed! It doesn't matter where you are in life but rather where you want to go”.

Michael “believe[s] that Andson truly helps children complete and understand the homework they are assigned. [He] also believe[s] that Andson can help children develop good study habits at a young age which will continue to help them throughout their lives”. It is for that reason that he loves tutoring; “when kids come to Andson with their homework thinking that the work is either boring or dumb (which is many}, and tutors can help the student understand and even begin to enjoy simple subjects such as math, reading or writing”.  

We are so grateful for outstanding tutors like Michael. To learn more about Andson’s tutoring program and how you can help, visit https://www.andson.org/academics/.