Laura Dearing Elementary's Dream Team

For the third year in a row, Andson has partnered with Laura Dearing Elementary School to bring effective after-school academic intervention to kindergarten and first grade students.

The students in our program have made significant gains since the beginning of the school year. Between September and January, the kindergarten group increased by 1025% (that’s NOT a typo) in Letter Sound Fluency and by 319% in Quantity Discrimination, while the first grade group increased by 100% in Math Computation and by 300% in Reading Comprehension!

 These amazing gains are in great part due to the program’s dedicated Three Musketeers: Lisa Mullinix, Sylvia Flores, and Senada Stankovic!

 Lisa Mullinix, a first grade teacher, developed a passion for teaching through volunteerism and witnessing her own children’s achievements. Her newly found love for teaching led her to obtain her teaching credentials from San Diego State University. Lisa strives to make learning fun for her students and keeps them interested by creating hands-on-activities and utilizing technology to make learning enjoyable.

 Sylvia Flores, a kindergarten teacher, was inspired by watching her mother teach eight children after school. Throughout her teaching career, Sylvia has taught kindergarten, first, and second graders. She has also taught English Language to adults in Migrant Education. She is passionate about teaching kindergarteners because she loves to plant the seed of learning within them and inspire them to achieve their dreams through education.

 Senada Stankovic’s inspiration to teach is fueled by her children. She is passionate about working with children with autism and enjoys contributing to their learning. Senada’s favorite thing about teaching third, fourth, and fifth grade is watching her students learn and get excited about life! She doesn’t want young students to be afraid to try new things and explore all kinds of possibilities.

Andson is fortunate to have such dedicated staff inspiring our youth to follow their dreams!