Khan Academy is changing the way we learn.

A friend just recently introduced me to - in a nutshell, Sal Khan is on a mission to educate the world through his short lessons.  There is a tier structure that he uses - you need to complete A before proceeding to B.  His current goal is to complete basic to advanced mathematics.  I have already contacted Khan Academy, and hope that in the future we may be able to assist with a Personal Finance section on the site.

What really gets me excited about this methodology and concept is that there is a huge barrier to teachers reaching students through traditional methods. Parents and Teachers alike often complain of teens' attention spans - which may be in part to the bombarding of media and instant gratification. Sal Khan doesn't worry about this - instead he decided to approach teaching from a method that DOES work. The truth is, attention spans of adults and students alike are getting shorter; this means methodologies must change. We've seen this in everything from coffee to advertising to shopping, even banking - but education as a model remains wholly unchanged for the better half of a century.

Check out what he is about in this video - it's absolutely a revolution in thinking about the way people will be educated in the future.

I'll be working through the banking sections. Since it's Open Source information - Khan Academy has no problem with me linking to their videos and resources, so plan to see more from them here in the future.

Source: Khan Academy