Growing Leaps & Bounds - Andson & The 2013 Governor's Black Tie Invitational

We continue to reach milestones on all fronts!


Andson has attended the Governor's Black Tie for the past 3 years. It has always been an amazing event - but this year was something special. This year, Andson was one of 8 beneficiaries selected by the Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation! We were absolutely thrilled about this opportunity.


The recognition as a leader on the forefront of educational activities in Southern Nevada means so much to us. We want to impact as many students as possible, and this fuels our programs in such a meaningful way.


It was an inspirational moment to have Train performing while one of our videos played about the work we do. It doesn't get much better than when the team gets to be on the big screen!



This year we added two new locations to our Homework Help & Tutoring Program, and the program itself went from 180 to 800 students. In addition to the 5-lesson course at Walter Bracken Elementary School, we have now expanded to include workshops at Chaparral High School, Desert Oasis High School and Nevada State College!


We have also been favored by the increased recognition and support of the community; not only in the number of friends and volunteers that genuinely believe in our mission, but in the vote of confidence that generous donors and local philanthropists are putting into our work.


The Governor's Black-Tie Invitational marked a very special milestone for us and it is a perfect example of what a community can accomplish. Over $14 million dollars has been distributed to organizations in our community as a result of this tremendous effort.


And, did we mention Train performed on Friday Night!



A special thank you to all those in attendance.  Thank you to all those in support of what we do!