This marks the second year we at Andson have had the opportunity to spend a "Fun Day For Kids" at the John C. Kish Club in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Henderson!  It was another well-organized event where kids and adults teamed up to play games and enjoy a delicious barbeque. There were plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, face painting, balloon art and photos with Cosmo, Hey Reb and The Duke!! The program also included wonderful magicians that kept both children and grown-ups entertained.

The support came from hundreds of adult volunteers contributing their time, many organizations donating financial resources, and local agencies providing helpful information such as the Henderson Fire Department and the Henderson Police Department.  Staff members from the Andson Organization were delighted to participate in this meaningful event to benefit children – we can't wait for next year's Fun Day For Kids!

Kudos to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Henderson!!