Fun Day for Kids 2011

They Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson put on their "Fun Day for Kids" event on Oct 15.  The event consists of kids from all their clubs, being paired with an adult for various indoor/outdoor games.  The adult/kid teams compete for medals and prizes in each category. We cannot believe the overwhelming support from the community.  There were several entertainers there, including Chet Buchanan from 98.5 KLUC, and Sean and John, tap dancing twins, from America's Got Talent.  Henderson Police Dept. showed off their K-9 and SWAT units, and lunch was served (and barbecued) by the Board of Directors.


Andson was thrilled to participate with 2 kids, and the event is something that these children really look forward to.  Thanks to everyone in the community for helping make this a memorable day for all involved.