Enjoy Pizza for the Last Day of Tutoring!

School is coming to an end! Kids are getting more excited as each day goes and they get closer to summer vacation. No more school means no more tutoring until the 2013-2014 school year. Andson Academics has had a very exciting year tutoring more than 500 children at all the Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson locations, Bridger Middle School and St. Jude’s Ranch. In order to celebrate another successful year, we are giving each location a pizza party, and achievement awards during the week of May 20th for all students and tutors who participated in Andson Academics.

Dates of the Pizza Party:

- May 20th: Bridger Middle School

- May 21st: BGCH Marker

- May 22nd: St. Jude's Ranch (young children)

- May 23rd: St. Jude's Ranch (teens), BGCH Southern Highlands, BGCH Natalie Gulbis, BGCH John C. Kish, BGCH Mary & Sam Boyd, BGCH Montandon, and BGCH Silver Pines


It is the least that Andson can do to thank everyone for a great year. And thank you to everyone who supported us! We look forward to the 2013-2014 school year.