Decluttering Your Finances into Focus - A New Year's Resolution


When it comes to making resolutions, I’m typically of the mindset that if it’s important enough, why wait till the 1st of the year? I tend to do what drives me now. However, over this last year I realized that two bad habits can go hand in hand, and I had let both slide: household clutter, and wasting money. Tackling these issues brought me peace of mind. Why did I let this weigh on me so heavily?

They say a cluttered house is a cluttered mind. Now don’t get me wrong, my living spaces are far from uninhabitable but there is a feeling of being overwhelmed that comes with keeping every receipt, that infamous junk drawer in the kitchen, and the years of collected toiletries you’d never miss if you tossed them out today. So I bought a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I know, I know, another paper object adding to the clutter! Along with this book, I watched a documentary and several videos (here, here and here) on living a minimalist life and the concept appealed to me. Over the break I tore several rooms apart, making me realize that decluttering can quickly bring your finances into focus. Luckily with the help of some minimalist YouTubers, it won’t cost an arm or a leg, which brings me to exhibit 2: saving money.

In my early twenties, I was an impulse buyer. I would come home with all my new goodies only to have buyer's remorse within days, sometimes even within hours. I quickly changed the habit by jotting down what I wanted while out shopping. If by the next morning (or the following weekend) it was still on my mind, I’d go out and get it. This is something I still do today. However, every once in a while I still buy something I end up regretting. Nothing makes this as apparent as dumping all of your belongings into a pile in your room. Decluttering is one thing. Tallying up the money spent on unwanted items really is a punch in the gut.

It’s difficult to acknowledge your faults sometimes. You can put off unpleasant tasks like this for years, but what a sense of relief you get from facing and resolving these challenges head on.

The holidays are a time where the spirit of gifting often turns to clutter down the road. Maybe a little more thoughtful, human interaction, a little less stuff?

Here at Andson, we are passionate about teaching young people delayed gratification, and how an ongoing attitude of humbleness will in turn make you less reliant on chasing possessions. Of course, we want them to SAVE SAVE SAVE for their future. Sometimes it’s difficult to take one’s own advice. Don’t judge me, I’m NOT an Andson money coach!

Decluttering your space is a great way to open your eyes to how much money you’re spending. Let’s rephrase that. It can open your eyes to how much money you’re WASTING.

Can you relate to my dilemma? Is decluttering your personal and financial life within your grasp? We’d love to hear your thoughts on using this “twofer” technique to bring your finances into focus!