Andson's 2014 Faces of the Future Breakfast


The Faces of the Future Breakfast is about highlighting the efforts of Andson in our community.

On May 21st, we hosted our 3rd annual Faces of the Future Breakfast at the Southern Highlands Golf Club. Our speakers included Steve Schorr, Bart Patterson (President, Nevada State College), Kate Marshall (Nevada State Treasurer), Kim Wooden (CCSD Deputy Superintendent) and a word from Pat Skorkowsky, the CCSD Superintendent. 

Julie Tacker, an Andson tutor and CCSD teacher spoke about two young students who inspire her with every lesson.

"Being a tutor and being able to teach in the same area, I'm able to talk with their teachers - find out their strengths, find out their weaknesses, find out different ways to get to each child, which is an advantage that I have as a tutor for Andson." She also said, "I get to see the growth academically, and in their confidence".

Distributed on each place setting, was a hand written card by an Andson child, stating what they want to be when they grow up. "I want to be a doctor because I will help people if they are sick", read Steve Schorr. "Will this child have the opportunity to reach this goal?"

Partners, leaders, and individuals are the reason that we can continue our mission to empower through education - that’s what this morning was all about.

We are so fortunate to have such widespread support, from state policy makers, CCSD administrators, parents, and those who are in the trenches, the teachers who give so much of their time and commitment to this worthwhile cause.

It's events like this that allow us to reflect and see from a different perspective, all the hard work put in by so many, and all of the rewards reaped.

It is an honor when great speakers and attendees support Southern Nevada in such a big way.