Andson Review - Banking Made Simple!


By Hannah Moore

First and foremost, Andson is not compensated for this endorsement. We just like to share what works for us!

Of the various resolutions we see come time and time again every New Year's, financial goals are a popular recurrence. As 2016 starts to unfold, Andson wants to help bring personal and financial resolutions to life and longevity. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to get people psyched about how they handle their money, and saving!

So Anthony set out on an investigative adventure for simpler banking... with Simple! Many banking apps are second in priority to the actual physical bank they are attached to. This results in the app being unavailable due to constant maintenance, or just having a general non user friendly system. "Because of my experience with banks who put little effort into their mobile banking, I became interested in finding ones with a great mobile friendly system," he explained. "Simple caught my attention very quickly!"

Simple Menu Page

Payment & Transfer Page

Anthony received a personal inquiry response within 24 hours.

Simple is a personal banking system that lets users take complete organizational control of their income and expenses. There are two components: the app itself, and a Visa card. You begin your journey with Simple through an uncomplicated application process. Then, after your card arrives in the mail, you can start customizing your finances on the Simple app. The app has an easy-to-use budgeting feature and even allows you to set savings goals. Simple is partnered with Bancorp Bank and is FDIC insured. "There are no fees and the card can be used at any ATM. The packaging that the card arrives in , and the card itself are also quite nice looking. I can't wait to explore more of the app's functions," Anthony reported. We will continue to catalog his time spent with Simple right here on the Andson blog. Check back soon for more updates!