Andson Academics - Coming soon to a Boys & Girls Club near you!

We've been hard at work these past few weeks getting ready for the next piece of the puzzle to empowering students through education - Andson Academics.  Throughout the time of developing content and lessons on Financial Literacy, it became clear that students have trouble with the math-intensive portions of the workshops - and they're not too keen on reading directions either.

This was alarming - what's even more alarming is that Nevada's education has been and will be on the brink of danger for the next few years.  As these economic times affect all forms of government funding, education will remain on the "chopping block" of budget reforms.

So, we asked, how can we help?  Honestly, we didn't know - we're a small organization that started out with goals of Financial Literacy.  Things became a bit more clear when we were visiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida recently.  We met Jessica, and asked her to help.  Jessica has experience building a tutoring program like this from the ground up, and she has been designing our new program, Andson Academics.



So, what do you need to know?


  • FREE tutoring to students!!!  The last thing we wanted was to create a model that costs parents a lot of money.  For the cost of a couple of workbooks, your child will receive supplementary tutoring throughout the school year. Andson takes care of all cost of tutors and technology involved.
  • Back to the basics - Andson Academics will target English, Language Arts, and Math - two vital areas to students' success in the classroom.