Agassi Grand Opening


Andson is embarking on yet another new journey as we prepare to open our 13th location at the Andre Agassi Boys & Girls Club on February 18th….only 5 days away! With new tutors counting down the days to the grand opening, their enthusiasm bursts through as they discuss their desire to meet their soon to be students and their hopes that their own enthusiasm will quickly spread to those students. They are also counting that their wish for a waiting list of eager students will be recognized.

Our tutors are super excited and can’t wait to begin the new program and build a community for their students who will have a safe environment and will be equipped with all the learning tools they need.  That,  along with our tutors’ patience, perseverance, and one-on-one and small group time will give students the attention and assistance that is not always available to them elsewhere.

We at Andson are prepared to help our students conquer all challenges as we deliver a structured concise program to the members of the Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club.