Academics Spotlight: Karen Hipsher


When the odds are one in a million, Karen Hipsher always strives to be the one.

As a mom of three, she never stops inspiring. She kicks off her long days as a second grade teacher, cultivating the young minds of the next generation. Karen then hops in her car, and heads to Sunrise Library to help Andson students with their homework. She rounds out the night caring for her three sons, Denny, Alex and Charlie.

While a day this tiring may weigh many of us down, it energizes Karen. She says being surrounded by kids is her favorite part of tutoring, especially when they grasp a concept and light up like a bulb. Even when students don’t understand a new topic right away, she is reassuring, reminding students to persevere, always.

When Karen isn’t teaching, she is probably off somewhere learning. One of her favorite activities is picking up a good book. In fact, reading and math are Karen’s favorite subjects. Don’t let her studious life fool you, she occasionally steps away from the classroom. When Karen needs a quick rejuvenation, the beach is the perfect place to recharge. The sand between her toes is Karen’s ideal pick-me-up. But when the beach isn’t attainable, she opts for cuddles with her cupcake of a rottweiler, Cheyenne.

Karen Hipsher has been a tutor with Andson for 6 years. To learn more about the tutoring program, and where services are offered, click here.