Kids Earning Money.jpg

By: Michael D.

This is for you, kids!  No one is saying you have to work a 9 to 5 on your summer break from school. But, if you're getting to the age where your sole income from your weekly allowance just isn't cutting it anymore, it's time to get creative. We've helped you out by compiling this list of potential summer jobs that could earn you some decent coin. 

  1. More chores at home.
    Surely there's a project around the house that dad started, but never finished. Ask if you can lend a hand. Or, find some other odd jobs at home like cleaning or organizing the garage, basement, or attic. You get the idea... think of other areas where you can help out.
  2. Yardwork.
    Maybe you have a neighbor whose yard could use a good spring clean-up? Offer to mow lawns (if you live in a neighborhood that still has grass). Maybe there are some weeds that need pulling? Or, maybe they have other odd jobs that need attention. Make flyers and drop them off at houses in your neighborhood. 
  3. Wash cars.
    Your driveway, soap, water and a few signs pointing to your direction could turn the front of your house into a neighborhood car wash on the weekends. (Check with your HOA first and use a bucket instead of a hose to conserve water.)
  4. Babysitting.
    Make sure you're legally old enough and Red Cross trained.  When you are, there are plenty of parents looking for a qualified sitter.
  5. Dog-walking.
    Fido always needs a friend. Offer to watch, walk or play with dogs. There are apps that allow people to do this now, but you can easily bypass that with a few door-knocks and some ingenuity. 
  6. Yard sales.
    All those items that are collecting dust in your home can turn into another person's treasure. Set up a rummage or yard sale. Used toys and clothes for kids can be hot commodities. Make sure you talk this out with your parents first.