Andson's Academics Spotlight:


Meet Andson’s Super Star Tutor Aide, Zoie Yell! She works with students from kindergarten to eleventh grade at Centennial Hills Library, Las Vegas Library and Twin Lakes Elementary School! Zoie aspires to help students understand the world around them. She thinks that “being a tutor is the perfect way to aid students who need a little extra help and guidance so they have the tools to be well-informed, amazing people.”

Zoie is familiar with the Las Vegas community, being a third generation Las Vegan herself. She is passionate about Linguistics and World History. She loves studying word drifts and changes in definitions while seeing how languages have formed and changed over time.

The students that Zoie tutors gain confidence in themselves and their work. She has an extraordinary way of instilling a love of learning within them.

We’re honored to have such a positive role model working with our youth!


For the third year in a row, Andson has partnered with Laura Dearing Elementary School to bring effective after-school academic intervention to kindergarten and first grade students.

The students in our program have made significant gains since the beginning of the school year. Between September and January, the kindergarten group increased by 1025% (that’s NOT a typo) in Letter Sound Fluency and by 319% in Quantity Discrimination, while the first grade group increased by 100% in Math Computation and by 300% in Reading Comprehension!

These amazing gains are in great part due to the program’s dedicated Three Musketeers: Lisa Mullinix, Sylvia Flores, and Senada Stankovic!

Check out the incredible Andson staff at the Las Vegas Library, featuring Guadalupe Maria, Cliff Goldkind and Zoie Yell!

Students receive homework help at the Las Vegas Library on a regular basis and have developed a special bond with their Andson tutors and aides. Cliff and Zoie are devoted to providing students with exceptional guidance and encouragement to grow academically.

Guadalupe has a firm belief that students can achieve anything they set their minds to. A Los Angeles native, she was inspired by her former elementary school teachers to make teaching fun! Her students are no strangers to her favorite piece of advice, “Believe in yourself.” 

Meet Grant Frailich, our jolly tutor spotlight for December! Grant was first inspired to teach when he saw the impact his older brother had on young learners.

Grant's favorite subject is math, but he's also super enthusiastic about encouraging students to read. "Read! Every single day, pick up a book and read some of it. Reading takes you to any world you want to visit and it's fun!" He is passionate about each and every student in the world receiving access to quality education.

Grant grew up in Phoenix so he's no stranger to the desert! He enjoys working our (preferably when it's not too hot), and spending time with his girlfriend and baby cousins. You're a swell person, Grant! Thanks for all that you do!

Greetings to our citizen of the world tutor, Katherine Coakley! Katherine was born in West Germany, raised in the midwest, and explored her teens in Thailand before settling back into the U.S. her junior year of high school. She is currently an instructional assistant for elementary grades 2-5, and brings much needed harmony to the classroom. “If students need to stand up for what is right, then they should do so, but gently. They should try their best to eliminate anger, jealousy, hatred of others, and prejudice from their behavior. Always replace the negatives with positives by showing kindness!” Katherine has a passion for language arts and the joy of learning. She also likes to point out how students humble themselves in a learning environment: “They willingly surrender their minds, hearts, ears, and oftentimes, their voices to teachers for the sole benefit of acquiring knowledge. Keep doing what you’re doing, Katherine. We’re honored to have you as part of the Andson family!

  When Andson added their Homework Help program to Whitney Library, we knew just who to call: terrific tutors Theresa Weir and Pam Locascio! Theresa and Pam are no strangers to helping students excel, so naturally they were the perfect candidates to take on our new location.

 Advice to give to young students from Pam Locascio:

“Be a reader to become a writer. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake because a mistake is just an opportunity to learn.”

Advice to give to young students from Theresa Weir:

“Work hard in school. Go to college so you can have a great career."


Meet renaissance man Robb Platt! He is a secondary resource math teacher at Sunrise Mountain High School, a Communities in Schools Academy Teacher, a Title VII after school tutor, a Special Education Case Manager, and an Innovative School Team Member. He also continues to serve his community through local organizations such as Teach For America Las Vegas Valley, Andson at The Center, and varied veterans/active duty programs. So how does he find the time to do all of this? "I am driven to advocate and empower my students to become successful leaders in their own lives and their communities, for one day they will the change-makers and the champions of tomorrow," Robb explained, "I want to send a message of hope and love-- and that makes every hour of hard work worth it." We can't thank you enough, Robb!

Have you met Breeanna Tallakson? Well, here's your chance! Breeanna is a superstar tutor at McCaw Elementary School. She grew up listening to her grandparents stories about teaching and has been inspired ever since. She just recieved her Master's Degree in Administration to help toward her dream of one day being a principal! Her favorite subject to teach is math, "There is a reason and strategy to teaching it, and seeing the light bulb go off in a student's head when they finally get it, is amazing!" she exclaimed. Breeanna is a proud mommy to little Mason Tallakson, and two lovely pups. Thanks for all you do here, Breeanna!



Here's to Joyce Scarbrough, a fantastic tutor at Rhodes Elementary School! Her favorite subject is history, and she one day aspires to have a photograph published in National Geographic. During the week Joyce spends her time inside as a committed GATE teacher but come weekends she enjoys hiking, swimming, and a plethora of other outdoor activities. "It's not about how smart you are-- it's how hard you work," she explained to us. Thank you for helping the students of Andson, Joyce!