I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before from the Andson Foundation. Before, I never really understood about investing money and things like that. I used to receive money from my parents and go spend it right away, but after what I learned, I understood that I needed to start saving. I learned FASFA, and it was the first I had ever heard of that. I learned that having a credit a credit card isn’t really a bad thing. You can have a credit card and just pay on time. A big thing I also learned about was renting a month is not a good idea. It’s always better to save your money so you can just pay it all at once. Before I didn’t know that you had to pay interest on things. I used to watch commercials about buying a car for $199 a month, and thought that was a good offer, but now that I know about the interest and know it’s a bad deal. Well, those are a few things I learned from the Andson Foundation. I ‘m glad I had an opportunity to learn something from them.


I learned that I can start with my financial goals now and not later in life. It opened my eyes to how to get started and how to manage a budget. I always thought I would like to live check to check, but now I understand the concept of saving money for later and not just now. I learned how banks can actually be convenient and not as bad as I thought they were. I learned that my financial goal is up to me now.


I learned many things I didn’t know before with the help of the Andson Foundation, for example, we learned how to budget our money, also how insurance works, considering house insurance, life insurance and car insurance. Another thing we learned is how to finance our money. The importance of this is to know how to manage our money, but also to be aware of the outcomes. Something I learn is that I found my biggest interest is college funds. I find it very important because it informs us on several things. College is very important because it guides our future, tells us where we are going and what we can become. Having the Andson Foundation coming to inform us on things such as budgeting, financing, college funds, and insurance is great. It helps us know how it works. It gives us an idea on how financing and budgeting works and why it’s needed.


I learned a lot of things from the Andson Foundation That I didn’t know before. I learned how to budget my money, how having a good credit score is important, and how insurance is very important. I think these three things are really important because they help people in the future. Budgeting money is important so you don’t have to live from paycheck to paycheck, and can have money in case of an emergency. Having a good credit score can help you get a house and a car. Having insurance is one of the most important things, because if you or a family member get injured, or something happens to your house, your insurance can help you. How to budget money, having a good credit score, and having insurance, are some of the three important things I learned. Most of the things Andson Foundation talked about are things I didn’t know.


I learned a lot with the lessons from the Andson Foundation. They taught me things about adult life that I probably wouldn’t have learned if they never came. My favorite lesson was the one about investing in stocks. Banking and saving were also favorites of mine. Without Mr. Andsom showing me, I would not know what an investment, 401K, Mortgages or Savings accounts were. Since he came, I’ve even been able to school my mom on secrets about Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. Everything was on point. I didn’t dislike any of the lessons. They were all great and useful. Thank You.