Susie Latiff

The first of many smiling faces you see when you walk into Andson Inc. belongs to Susie Latiff. Susie is our office manager, and she greets everyone with radiating warmth at her front desk. Not only does she take on several miscellaneous tasks each day such as creating gift bags for students, manning the phones, and supplying every office supply imaginable; she also helps Sonia with crucial financial records. With years of banking experience and retail management under her belt Susie is the perfect fit for anything requiring a quick mind and impressive organization. 

She was one of the original team members of Andson-- having joined just two years after our founding. In Susie’s years before Andson, she lived all over the country after migrating to the U.S. from Guyana, South America. The very first place she lived in the states was none other than fabulous New York City. “The major changes I faced were the cold winter climate after living in a tropical one, commuting their subway systems, the large population, and the fast pace of the city,” she illustrated about her transition. “I started my first job with a family owned business at the Front Office. I will always be grateful to them for accepting and encouraging me and telling me ‘you can do it’.” After the big apple, she lived in Orlando, Florida before finally coming to Las Vegas. 

In Susie’s spare time she loves to cook with her own garden grown ingredients. She also loves to re-organize and decorate the space around her to feel refreshed. And last but certainly not least, she spends quality time with her daughter and granddaughter. 

“Stay positive, give a helping hand, be a team player, and have tolerance and respect for the organization and your co-workers,” she said in an optimistic final statement.