Nevena Cvijetic

Cue drum roll please for the one and only super-student, Nevena Cvijetic! Nevena is our Academics Coordinator... Read More

Cindy Alamshaw

Meet our sensational Academics Developer, Cindy Alamshaw! Cindy brings warmth into every conversation... Read More


Marketing, Events, & Outreach

Deborah Rogers-Sobaszek

Deborah, or more commonly known around the office as Debbie, is our Media + Creative... Read More

Shauna Guillen

Meet Associate Director of Development, Shauna Guillen! Shauna holds... Read More

Ashlen Barry

Meet Ashlen Barry, the Andson Marketing Assistant. Ashlen was born in... Read More


HR & Office

Mary Jones

Mary, Mary quite contrary, or in this case; Mary quite extraordinary! Mary Jones is our HR... Read More

Susie Latiff

The first of many smiling faces you see when you walk into Andson Inc. belongs to... Read More

Samantha Wayne

Samantha Wayne: YouTube blogger by night, data management wonder woman by day... Read More