Sherry Walker

If you hear shrieks of laughter while walking through the Andson office, it is most likely coming from Sherry Walker’s direction. Sherry is our director of development and she is certainly not missing a sense of humor! Laughs aside, Sherry’s position requires a lot of focus. She is constantly writing grants and planning large events. These responsibilities are mostly dictated by strict deadlines, but she can handle the pressure with ease. “I try not to let the small, unimportant things bother me,” she says in regards to the stress of both work and personal life. 

Sherry grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and went to Miami University in Ohio for her undergraduate degree. After graduating she went to stewardess school and lived the exciting life of flying internationally every week! Her most recent job, before Andson, was as the Director of Grants at the Public Education Foundation in our very own Las Vegas, Nevada. “I was introduced to Andson by someone at the Public Education Foundation and was really impressed by what they were doing for the students in our school district,” Sherry recollects. 

In her free time she thoroughly enjoys skiing with her family at Mt. Charleston. She is also currently co-authoring “The Adventures of Mistah Beans” with her son, a book about their beloved and silly dog.