Shauna Guillen

Meet Associate Director of Development, Shauna Guillen! Shauna holds a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She came into town after receiving her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from California State University, Chico, which is where she first developed her passion for working in the nonprofit sector. Shauna worked for an organization that ran community engagement in military bases. “After graduation, I came out to Las Vegas with my best friend and worked front desk at MGM, and then slowly moved into philanthropy from there,” Shauna recounts. “I learned that it’s small steps that conglomerate towards your goals--like patchwork.” Shauna is committed to outreach. She knows that through working in development, she can make way for people who want to help by connecting them to causes they feel passionate about. Shauna is the glue between those with hearts of gold, and needed financial support and resources. Thanks for joining forces with Andson, Shauna!