The following organizations are highlighted by Andson for their economic or financial benefits to both youth and adults.




University of Florida – Osceola County Extension
The Families and Consumer Sciences section of the University of Florida’s IFAL Extension provides information on important life decisions, including parenting, home buying, and money managment.

GMAC’s SmartEdge Program
GMAC’s SmartEdge Program provides important information regarding credit scores, obtaining free credit reports, and explains how auto-financing works. The site contains tutorials on important topics such as General Finance, Automotive, Banking, Insurance, and Mortgages.

The Choose to Save Program
Choose to Save is an organization dedicated to helping Americans achieve their financial goals through savings plans. Their website contains tools and explanations of the many different methods of savings that consumers can act on.

Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling
Compulsive gambling can be a problem for families and individuals, especially in areas of the country with legalized gaming or betting. The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling aims to provide support, information, and programs that can aid families coping with such addiction. This organization can also provide referrals for other types of addictive behavior.

Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education
The AFCPE is an organization dedicated to the training and certification of Financial Counselors and Educators. The site provides valuable resources for those looking for such certification.

Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement is a partnership between business professionals, educators, and volunteers to inspire and educate young people on concepts such as working in the real world, being an entrepreneur, and financial literacy.

National Endowment for Financial Education – High School Financial Planning Program
NEFE is an organization committed to supplying the information and tools necessary for all Americans to reach financial well-being. Their High School Financial Planning Program specifically targets young people with important skills regarding their finances. The Andson utilizes NEFE’s materials in some of the training and courses we provide.

California and Nevada Youth Involvement Network
The California and Nevada Youth Involvement Network(CNYIN), organized in 1992, promotes financial education in various communities in Nevada and California. Promoting financial literacy, this organization’s members firmly believe that the philosophies and structure of credit unions can be shared with young people in order to shape their financial future.