Octavio Posada

Octavio Posada is an Andson Money Coach whose upbeat attitude is integral to many of our financial literacy successes! Like much of the Andson staff who have their own unique way of greeting others in the office, Octavio likes to say hello with good old fashioned word play. Puns are the name of his game! Octavio lived in New York City for 24 years, and attended Medgar Evers College before trekking to the Las Vegas desert. Once in Vegas, Octavio started attending UNLV where he is currently finishing up a bachelor's degree in social work. "I really got to know what it was to live a full day. There's no time to sit and digest what happens. Coming to Las Vegas, it was the opposite. I get to breathe and take it all in - experience a full 24 hours," he noted making a comparison between the two cities. Octavio's most recent work preceding Andson was as a Program Assistant at the Parenting Project in the Clark County Department of Family Services. his reporting and data management experience from the Parenting Project carried him gracefully into his duties here at Andson. Alongside his Money Coach duties, Octavio plays a key role in our piggy banks at Bracken and Hollingsworth Elementary Schools.

Octavio moved to New York from Columbia when he was 12 years young, and he recalled how that experience was especially interesting. It gave him great understanding and patience; "changes usually lead to adaptation, and adaptation certainly facilitates growth," he explained thoughtfully. Octavio loves to spend time with his family and is a huge soccer fan who both watches and coaches the sport!