Niko Centeno-Monroy

Salutations to Andson Money Coach, Niko! Niko teaches middle school and high school financial literacy. "The middle and high schoolers tend to have a better understanding of the world than younger kids, so I can have critical conversations with them that I can't necessarily have with younger students," Niko explained, "We can relate to one another, being that I'm not that much older than them myself. When they see me open up and share personal stories, they feel more comfortable doing do too, and that can make a huge difference in a classroom."

Niko was a corps member of Teach For America before joining the Andson family. Teach For America is what brought him to Las Vegas away from his home state of Virginia after receiving his Bachelor's degree in History and Social Justice at VCU. Niko also just completed graduate school at UNLV for a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Along with his academic commitment, Niko is also an artist who cares very much about expressing himself and his community! "I'm really into the performing arts scene in Vegas - I love going to open mic nights and I'm a big music-head," he smiled. Aside from music and the arts, he enjoys spending time with his dog and close circle of friends.